My Story

After I had my daughter, I felt alone and was struggling with my identity as a stay-at-home mom (if I'm being honest, I always have). My husband got me a Cricut machine that Christmas in hopes that I would find a hobby or something that I can call mine. And that is the beginning of this journey. I fell in love with making things for family and friends out of vinyl on my machine.
Over the years, I have learned new techniques and experimented with many materials. Along the way I discovered plastisol prints and have been in love with making shirts with them. In 2020 I decided to make it official and create a business. I began to do pop-up vendor shows and have been featured in several boutiques in Beaver and Allegheny County. I absolutely love meeting new customers and getting to know them. 
Currently, I am a (new) K-12 Art teacher in Beaver County, PA. I have been loving creating things with the students and getting settled in this new role. I reside in Beaver County, PA with my husband and 2 children who are my whole world. 
It was just recently at a Women's Conference at church when the speakers were talking about our purpose and talents. About what's in our hands and how are we using it. That same weekend I met another vendor who has an online boutique, and I was inspired by her faith through her work. I often leave my faith at church or in my home and seeing her use it to good through her craft has inspired me to do the same. 
Hopefully this is a reminder for others to not hold back, to share the love of Jesus in all you do. Let that joy overflow to others. 
Much love,